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Landscaping Insurance

Landscaping business insurance policies can vary significantly depending on the works that you do which is why you should speak with an insurance broker to ensure you are covered correctly.

Landscape contractors may require a number of different policies depending on the works that you are involved in.

Landscape insurance policies are also commonly filled with numerous exclusions and conditions to their cover, so it’s important to understand exactly what each policy offers. 

The most common landscaping insurance policies:

Regardless of the size of your landscaping business, we can work with you. Our insurance brokers are here to tailor a package that meets your needs and requirements.

Our ongoing support for our clients shows them that we genuinely care about their business and we are always here to answer questions along the way. 

We keep our paperwork to a minimum so it’s simple, quick, and straight forward.

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Key things to know about your landscaping insurance policy.

View our broker’s insight to things you should know about your public liability insurance for landscaping occupations below.

Some landscape insurance policies, particularly on a public liability policy will apply excavation depth limits. 

These depth limits are important to know because if you exceed that limit then the policy will no longer provide cover. 

Some insurers will apply a 3 metre depth limit while others will apply 5 metres and some won't apply a depth limit at all. 

This exclusion can cause all types of issues on a landscaping insurance policy.

In summary what this exclusion means is that if property damage is caused due to the removal of dirt near a fixed property then there is no cover. 

If you are doing work around fixed properties like houses or commercial sites then this exclusion may mean your policy is extremely cheap but your chances of being covered for a claim has been reduced, alot. 

Tree lopping is also a common condition that is applied to landscape insurance policies. 

Following the same as the excavation depth limits above, some insurers will only accept under 3 metre tree lopping and some will go as high as 5 metres. Others won't cover it all. 

It's common in construction based occupations to regularly use sub-contracts however, do you know how this affects your policy? 

Most insurers tend to have a condition in your policy to first declare if sub-contractors will be used but also require you to keep a hold of an insurance certificate from them.

Need a Broker who can assist with your landscaping insurance? We've got you covered.

Working all day and then coming home to do admin work of a night time doesn’t sound fun at all. This is why we have simplified our process as much as possible. With a strong knowledge of the landscaping and construction industry you can talk to us without having to explain every little thing about your business. 

Simple, straight forward and fully managed landscaping insurance policies.

Your Landscaping Business Insurance Questions Answered

Do I need to declare my construction activities?

Yes, if your occupation is just listed as a landscaper then the insurer assumes that the work you are doing is general landscaping activities. 

Landscape construction is for any form of construction type activities that you are doing. For example, retaining walls is a common form of construction. 

How do I cover myself for dry hire?

It’s very common for landscaping contractors to hire out their machinery when they are not in use. 

We have a page dedicated to dry hire information and suggest checking this out. 

Why does a landscaper need construction insurance?

construction insurance or contract works policy will insure your construction while it is being worked on and under construction. 

This will usually cover your for the major weather events such as fire, storm, flood.

Some constructions will be insured by the builder however, without reviewing your current contracts it is unknown whether you are held liable or not. 

When should I consider professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance for landscapers should be considered if you are providing and design or certification works. 

A PI policy will usually cover you for legal costs for negligent acts on your part that contribute to a financial loss. 

For example, if you failed to pass on information which led to a mistake being made in the construction then a claim could be made against you. 

Can I pay my insurance monthly?

Yes, all of our insurance policies have the ability to be paid monthly. 

We can even combine multiple policies into one simple monthly repayment.

Are contractors covered?

Sub-contractors need to be declared to your insurer. Negligent acts solely by a contractor are not covered by your policy however, if you hold the contract with the client then your insurer will likely defend your claim and recover the costs from the contractor or their insurance. 

It is important to note that sub-contractors are external businesses even if they are only contracting to you. 

What landscaping business insurance policies should you have?

The first landscaping business insurance policy that is usually put in place is your public liability insurance. 

This allows you to be covered for negligent acts that cause personal injury, property damage, and even workmanship related issues. 

Common claim examples that we seen within this industry is damages to underground cables, personal injury caused from the use of machinery and damages to fixed dwelling like houses and commercial buildings. 

If you are operating from a physical location like an office then a business insurance policy will allow you to cover the business items that you have at the property. 

Even if you have a storage shed where you keep most of your tools and smaller machinery then its a good idea to have these covered.  

Professional indemnity insurance for landscapers is only usually required when you are providing some form of design or certification.

This is usually required for larger contracting companies for example, retaining wall construction, pool designing and constructing along with other civil contracting works. 

To do your job effectively most landscapers will require plant and equipment insurance. 

Most insurers can provide landscaping insurance policies that include both your public liability, plant and equipment insurance and even some additional hired in plant cover for excess items that you might hire. 

Most insurers will also usually allow some motor vehicles like trucks and utes be added to this policy as well.

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