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What you need to know about

Plant and equipment insurance cover for your business

Contractors Plant and Equipment Insurance is comprehensive cover for your plant and equipment that you use within your business. This could be anything from commercial sweepers to excavators and cranes.

We understand how important your machinery is to your business and in most cases, your business couldn’t operate without the machine. Taking this into consideration, we have access to a wide range of insurers that can offer commercial equipment insurance that offers full cover and packaged options.

There are various sections to a Contractors Plant and Equipment insurance policy that go a lot further than just covering the machine. Depending on the equipment, how it’s used and how vital it is to your operation will allow us to tailor a package to suit your needs.

Tailored plant and equipment insurance for your machinery

We can tailor packages that include; financial loss cover, hire cost cover, finance gap cover and hired in plant cover.

We work with a large amount of contractors that use heavy machinery and can provide you with tailored advice in regards to plant machinery insurance.

As a member of the Steadfast Group we have negotiated bespoke coverage with our insurers and along with our tailored advice, we will ensure that you are adequately protected.

Whether you just need excavator insurance or machinery insurance for your whole fleet, we can get you covered. Our process is quick, simple and easy with all paperwork kept to a minimum.

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We understand that business equipment insurance can be difficult to manage between your day to day business activities, hiring in plant, booking in repairs and maintenance.

Our team of experienced brokers deal with machinery insurance everyday so dealing with insurance for excavators and other machinery is very straight forward for us. Let us take care of this for you and let you get back to running your business.

Your Plant And Equipment Questions Answered

What is plant and equipment insurance?

Plant and equipment insurance provides various sections of cover for business owners that own specialised pieces of equipment for their business. The various sections can include:

  1. Material Damage Cover
  2. Road Risk Liability
  3. Hired-in Plant cover
  4. Downtime cover 
  5. Cover for attachments 
  6. Public Liability insurance
  7. Goods on hook / lifted goods

What sections of a plant and equipment insurance policy do I need?

This is a question that needs to be tailored to your business.


Each business is different along with the level of risk and reliability on specific pieces of machinery.


As a Business Insurance Broker, we work with you to make sure that you understand your cover and the cover thats available to protect certain risks to your business.


For example, if you are just needing excavator insurance then things like ‘goods on hook cover’ isn’t going to apply to you. 


The same can be said for a crane operating company, having an exclusion for excavation work over 5 metres isn’t going to affect their business at all.

Does plant and equipment insurance cover machinery thats on hire?

You can put a blanket hired in plant inclusion on your policy which will provide you a blanket dollar value of cover for items that you hire in.


This is beneficial to policy holders that hire in different pieces of equipment regularly to save you adding each item individually, paying extra premium and then removing it off later.


The cost also usually works out more cost effective to you as a business owner.


Hired machinery insurance can be added on at any time and in fact, some insurers automatically include $50,000 of cover. 

What is needed for a plant and equipment insurance quote?

The information that is needed to provide you with a quote for plant and equipment insurance is the following:

  1. A schedule of your machines with registration of engine numbers
  2. Applicable values for each machines
  3. What work you do with these machines
  4. Whether the items are hired out 
  5. Your claims history for the last 5 years 

Should I include business interruption or downtime cover?

Yes, absolutely yes. The current wait times on machinery to be repaired or replaced is at an all time high. Gone are the days where you could walk into a dealership, buy a machine and pick it up the next day. In most cases, these specialised pieces of equipment can take 6 to 12 months to be ordered or replaced. As such, we recommend that all of our clients either have hire costs included on their machines or downtime cover for the interrupted business so that you aren’t losing a significant portion of your income.

Where is my plant and equipment covered to be used?

The policy will usually cover you for Australia wide coverage. Some policies may impose a higher excess if a radius is required to be specific when quoting. Most insurers will cover you anywhere in Australia as long as the machine is being operated legally and within the defined activities that we have provided the insurer.

What insurers cover plant and equipment insurance?

We work with a number of different insurers for plant and equipment insurance policies. Some of the insurers that we use are:

  1. NTI 
  2. Mecon
  3. Chubb
  4. ATC 
  5. QBE

Additional covers to a plant and equipment insurance policy

Combined Coverage

Most of our policies will allow both trucks and your yellow plant and equipment to be combined under the one insurance policy. Unless it is more beneficial to split the policies then we will always aim to combine the machines together for convenience and to minimise gaps in cover.

Cover For Lifted Goods

Damage to lifted goods is a common inclusion on most plant and equipment insurance policies however, the consequential loss will need to be covered under your public liability insurance. Ensure that you are covered appropriately by discussing your loading and unloading methods with us.

Hired In Plant Cover

If you are hiring in plant and equipment and require these items to be covered we can either individually insure them or put a blanket hired in plant extension on your policy. The blanket cover allows you to insure a dollar figure and can cover multiple machines.

Hire Costs Under Repair

Hire costs are an optional extra however, if your machines are vital to you earning an income and you do not have contingency plans in place with additional equipment than we recommend all of our clients ensure that they have hired costs covered.

Civil Works

If you’re doing any civil works than we can ensure that this is covered under your plant and equipment insurance for your machines entering civil sites, being left on site overnight and higher legal liability limits if required by the head contractor.

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