Mining Insurance

Tailored policies for mining contractors insurance in Australia.

Tailored policies for mining contractors insurance.
Mining insurance can be difficult to find however, our insurance brokers have placed many insurance policies for mining contractors all across Australia.

We can help source mining insurance policies for:

  • Underground trade contractors
  • Machinery repairs
  • Crane and truck cartage operators
  • Fabricators and welding contractors
  • Plus many more.

Don’t spend countless hours shopping around, we provide you the most competitive options the first time.

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What you need to know about

Mining Contractors Insurance

Our team specialises in sourcing Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, and plant and equipment insurance for various trade occupations working on mine sites.

Did you know, that most insurers won’t actually provide cover for work that is done on a mine site? 

Needing coal mine insurance for contractors?  PIB assists in providing contractors with insurance while working on coal mines.

If you’ve taken out a Public Liability Insurance policy for example and then tendered on some work with a mine site that you ended up winning then there is a good chance that you haven’t updated your policy to cover the mining insurance exposure.

In fact, most insurers will ask a question on most quotes whether any work is being performed at any of the following:

  • Above or below ground mine sites
  • Power plant or utility station
  • Airport
  • Or any other property that could be seen as a high risk

If the answer is yes to any of the above sites then a lot of insurers will decline to offer any form of cover.

We still have a number of insurers that will offer mining contractors insurance policies.

Why Priority Insurance Brokers?

Why should you use Priority Insurance Brokers to arrange your Mining Insurance?

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Common policies needed by mining contractors

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Portable Tools of Trade Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance
  • Contract Works Insurance
  • Income Protection

When you are putting a mining liability insurance policy in place, all activities need to be declared to the insurer. If not, a claim against your business for closing down a mine site could cost you your business. Get in touch to find out how we can help contractors working on coal mines and for more information on coal mining insurance.

We keep our paperwork to a minimum so its simple, quick and straight forward.

Need a mining insurance broker who can assist with Mining Contractor Insurance? We've got you covered.

We understand that just running the day to day operation of your business takes a lot of time. This is why we provide the perfect solution for business owners with regards to their insurance. We provide you all of the information that you need to make sure you are covered correctly. We provide simple, straight forward and fully managed mining insurance policies.

Your Mining Contractor Insurance Questions Answered

Why are mine sites considered high risk?

It’s not as though the site itself is considered high risk. In fact mine sites have more health and safety protocols in place than most other businesses.


The high risk exposure that the insurer is concerned about is the potential costs of damages that could occur.


For example, if you shut a whole mine site down for even just 1 day the costs associated with that would be huge. Let alone fixing the damage that caused it.

Do you cover mining and non-mining?

Yes, we do.


We work with both incidental mining contractors and contractors that just work with mine sites.

Do you cover above and below ground?

Depending on your occupation and the work that you do will determine whether our insurers will accept cover for underground work. We have placed many insurance policies for underground mining contractors.


Are mining contractors required to have insurance by law?

No, not necessarily by law however, you could potentially be in breach of your contractors agreement if it is a requirement of the mine site to be insured for specific types of insurances. It is recommended that you speak with your insurance broker to determine the appropriate cover for your business requirements as it is important to note that the specific insurances that a mine site asks for doesn’t necessarily cover all potential exposures to your business and could lead to significant losses.

Can mining contractors insurance cover loss of income due to mine shutdowns or interruptions?

A Public liability insurance policy will only cover the costs that you are legally liable for in the event of personal injury or property damage occurring.

Can mining contractors insurance cover errors or omissions in services provided?

Certain policies will allow you to have errors and omissions cover added to your policy however, it could also be recommended that a separate professional indemnity policy be taken out depending on the type of work that you are doing.

Yes, defence costs are typically covered under a public liability insurance policy for mining contractors.

Professional Indemnity policies can also provide this cover however, it depends on what occurs as to which policy would provide the coverage.

Personal injury and property damage would be covered by a public liability policy and financial losses would be covered under a professional indemnity policy.

Are subcontractors required to have their own insurance even if they are covered under the primary contractor's insurance?

Yes, it is recommended that any separate business operating under their own ABN should have their own insurances in place. A primary contractors policy will only provide cover to the primary contractor however, unless a subrogation waiver or hold harmless agreement has been signed then there is a good chance that the primary contractors policy will seek recovery from the subcontractor in the event that they are solely liable.

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