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We specialise in demolition insurance policies for businesses and contractors that are doing full scale demolition work, soft strip outs and waste removal.

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Demolition Business Insurance

Demolition insurance coverage is becoming more and more difficult to obtain with a number of insurers no longer offering insurance for demolition work on their policies. Our brokerage has worked with a number of demolition contractors and we have access to a number of insurers that still offer this cover.

Demolition business insurance that we specialise in:

  • Full-scale demolition
  • Multi-story demolition
  • Soft strip outs
  • Asbestos removal

Waste and scrap cartage
As a demolition contractor, there are a number of risks that insurers consider when they are providing demolition liability insurance which is why it has become harder to place. If you’ve had a policy to cover your demolition work and now your insurer won’t renew the policy, you’re not alone. The good thing is, we still have plenty of insurers that we can place your insurance with.

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Speak with an insurance broker that knows the demolition industry and has put many demolition contractors’ insurance policies in place previously. We can tailor a comprehensive and affordable insurance solution for your business. We take pride in offering our clients the priority service that they deserve.

Why Priority Insurance Brokers?

Why should you use Priority Insurance Brokers to arrange your Demolition Insurance?

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Why you should have tailored insurance for demolition contractors.

Demolition insurance companies are known for having many exclusions, higher excesses and endorsements that limit how much cover they will actually provide. As a broker that specialises in demolition business insurance policies we can provide you with tailored advice across all insurance products.

Are you confident that you know everything that you’re covered for? If you currently work with an insurance broker that hasn’t dealt with many demolition or asbestos contractors then there is a good chance that they don’t know the finer details either.

Since we’ve been working with a large number of businesses within the industry, we know which companies offer good cover and which offer cheaper alternatives for a scaled back level of cover. Both options are fine, depending on how they impact your business.

This is where we can provide you with the most value by working out what exclusions or conditions have bigger impacts on your business and what conditions you can take advantage of to reduce your premium.

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We understand that running a business takes a lot of work and as a business owner you’re expected to be across all of the different aspects of your business operation. We have tried to make our process as simple as possible and all of our Brokers work with each business owners to have a strong understanding of your business and whats required to be in place to ensure that there are no nasty surprises. We pride ourselves on not hiding behind the fine print.

Your Demolition Insurance Questions Answered

What happens if I only use a contractor for my demolition work?

This depends on your business and who has been contracted for the job. If you are considered the head contractor who holds the agreed contract with the customer and you are invoicing them for the works inclusive of demolition works then you also need to be covered. 

Construction and demolition projects have seen a significant increase in claims that are settle on a proportionary basis – this means that even if you aren’t 100% liable, you can be held liable for a smaller percentage. 

If you were even found 5% liable for an injury that occurred on a demolition job and your policy didn’t include demolition insurance then those costs will not be covered. 

Are there any specific exclusions in demolition insurance?

Each insurance policy is written on a specific basis where a product disclosure statement (PDS) outlines what is and isn’t covered. In addition to this depending on your business activities some insurers can apply additional endorsements to you policy which may extend, reduce or limit certain aspects of your cover. It is important that you review these endorsements or discuss them with your business insurance broker as to how the apply to you.


Some exclusions that we typically see on demolition insurance policies are:

  • Exclusions for demolition methods which are designed to demolish a structure in one sudden and uninterrupted process for example: ball and chain demolition, blasting or explosives
  • Hazardous waste exclusions for handling and disposing of hazardous waste (unless a combined demolition and asbestos cover is in place)
  • Height limits of up to 15 metres may apply (unless agreed and declared to the insurer for an increased limit)

Does demolition insurance cover damage caused by the demolition process itself?

A Public Liability policy is designed to cover your business engaging in the activities as a demolition contractor. This type of policy isn’t designed to cover damage to the property that is being demolished however, it is designed to cover any damage caused which you are liable for in conjunction with your policy coverage.


Some of the common claims that we have been involved in are for things like:

  • Debris flyaway causing damage to surrounding properties
  • Damage caused to other machinery on site
  • Injury caused to other contractors

Are subcontractors working on the demolition project covered by my demolition insurance?

This is a common question and it is important to note that a sub-contractor working under their own ABN is essentially a separate business to yours. Whilst it is likely that your policy will provide cover to you where a sub-contractor acting on your behalf causes personal injury or property damage to a third party it is common that when they are solely negligent an insurer may attempt recovery from this contractor. When declaring contractors on your public liability insurance insurers may impose a condition on your policy that each contractor hold their own public liability insurance policy to support their chances of recovery.

Does home owners insurance cover demolition?

Typically, home owners insurance may cover the costs of demolition if it’s required due to an insured event, such as a fire or storm. If your home is damaged to the extent that it needs to be demolished and rebuilt, the policy might include demolition costs as part of the building sum insured. However, it’s crucial to check the specifics of your policy and its inclusions and exclusions. Always consult with your insurance provider to understand the extent of your coverage and any conditions that apply.

What other insurances do I need to consider with my demolition insurance?

While you are looking at insurance for demolition there are a number of other policies that you may need. We can assist with all insurances however, some other demolition business insurances you may require are:

  • Truck, Plant and Equipment Insurance 
  • Cover for office premises
  • Additional endorsements for asbestos removal
  • Professional indemnity insurance (if you’re providing clearance certificates or sample/testing)
  • Management Liability Insurance (to cover allegations against management negligent acts)

As an Insurance Broker, we specialise in packaging up multiple policies which present the best-priced options but have them managed together in easy-to-maintain policies.

Want to know more about the insurance you need? Read our blog article dedicated to demolition contractors.

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