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Bricklayers Insurance for business owners and contractors.

Insurance for bricklayers can generally be quite straight forward however, as with anything construction related there are a number of hurdles that could arise if you’re not covered correctly.

After dealing with hundreds of bricklayers in the past, we know what policies to put in place to ensure you have the cover you need and can rely on. 

Bricklayers require a number of insurance policies in order to be covered correctly.

Depending on the bricklaying work that you are doing will depend on what insurance policies you need to have in place. 

The most common insurance for bricklayers are:

Our focus is on delivering you quality advice, removing the overload of phone calls and paperwork to make sure that you have a dedicated insurance advisor that you can count on.
We keep our paperwork to a minimum so it’s simple, quick and straightforward.

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What to look out for when buying insurance for bricklayers

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Your Bricklaying Insurance Questions Answered

My contractor has asked me for a $20,000,000 limit of liability - what does this mean?

It is not uncommon for contractors to ask you for a minimum public liability limit before conducting work on their site. 

Most contractors across Australia will request a minimum of $10,000,000 of cover and some larger companies request a minimum of $20,000,000.

If you are wanting to work on their job site, you will need to abide by their requirements.

We can assist you with putting the correct cover in place that is compliant with your contractor requirements.

Construction and demolition projects have seen a significant increase in claims that are settle on a proportionary basis – this means that even if you aren’t 100% liable, you can be held liable for a smaller percentage. 

If you were even found 5% liable for an injury that occurred on a demolition job and your policy didn’t include demolition insurance then those costs will not be covered. 

Do bricklayers need professional indemnity insurance?

If you are just doing bricklaying than you most likely don’t need a professional indemnity insurance.

If you include any certification, design work or sign off on compliance then you may need to consider this cover.

What does public liability insurance for bricklayers cover?

The best way to explain what public liability insurance for bricklayers covers is to use an example of a claim that could occur in our industry. 

An example of this would potentially be you injuring another contractor carrying in your trestles onto a job site. 

Another example of the property damage component could be damaging roof gutters to a neighbouring property with the same trestles. 

The key factor here is workmanship, personal injury and property damage claims is usually whats covered by a public liability insurance policy.

How much does bricklayers public liability insurance cost?

A good rule of thumb is to expect to pay between $500 and $1,500 for most domestic bricklaying contractors. 

This depends on your work, how many employees you have, what % of your work is subcontracted, and what your average turnover is.

When should I put a bricklayers insurance policy in place?

When you register your ABN the next step should be to consider putting insurance in place. 

Regardless of whether you plan on being a single operator or whether you are planning to run a business, you should start putting your insurance in place before you commence trading.

How do I insure everything together?

Using an insurance broker is a great way to keep everything bundled together.

This means that we can give you advice about all of your insurance policies and let you know if there are any gaps in your coverage. 

This also allows us to bundle your payments into 1 single monthly payment for all of your policies.

What insurance policies do bricklayers need?

Bricklayers public liability insurance can be a little confusing to understand. 

Most construction trades have many different exclusions and conditions on their policy that you need to understand to know if you are even covered or not. 

Whether you are a self employed brickie or you run a business with staff, the public liability insurance generally remains the same. 

Your public liability insurance for bricklayers usually covers two key components. 

Personal injury and property damage. Two potential things that can happen on a job site very easily. 

Your bricklaying insurance package should also include some portable tools cover.

You've spent a lot of time and money building up your equipment and tools and unfortunately tradies are one of the most frequent victims to theft. 

Whether they are left in your tray tool box overnight or another tradies on a job site runs off with your tools ensure they are covered to reduce the cost of having to replace them if something happens.

Most tradies think that a standard motor vehicle insurance is okay for their business use. 

In some cases they are but in most cases they aren't. 

If you've spent good money on fitting out your ute with extra storage, tool boxes, vehicle wraps or signage then we usually find the limits on a private motor insurance isn't enough for our trade contractors. 

To put it simply, imagine spending $10,000 on a good vehicle set up and only getting $5,000 back if something happened to your vehicle.

Construction insurance or contract works insurance is something that brickies should consider if they are doing volume builds.

If you're working from site to site as a sub-contractor then you may not need this cover.

However, if you are taking on larger contracts where you are carrying the liability for an extended period of time then you should consider a contract works insurance. 

Everyone probably talks to you about income protection and you're probably sick of hearing about it so we won't harp on about it. 

There is a good chance you already know what income protection is but we're here to let you know that we recommend all our trade contractors consider having the cover. 

Escpecially if you rely on your income to provide for yourself and your family.

Although our policies aren't a form of life insurance by any means, they do provide offer a shorter period of cover for the less serious incidents that can put you out of work for a couple of months up to two years.

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