Commercial Truck Insurance

Whether you are a new business in need of commercial truck insurance or you already have a policy and are seeking better options, we’ve got you covered. Our primary focus is to provide you with a perfect balance of competitive pricing and extensive coverage specifically tailored for commercial trucks.

Gone are the days of spending endless hours searching for insurance quotes for your trucks. We take care of that for you. As experts in commercial vehicle insurance, we compare multiple quotes related to commercial truck insurance, ensuring you receive the most competitive and comprehensive options right from the start. 

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What you need to know about

Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial Insurance For trucks is designed to cover all commercial use trucks from a ute/van to prime movers along with their trailers. As commercial insurance brokers, we understand how trucking companies are required to operate and the national transport insurance cover that is needed to ensure that you’re not left stranded with significant costs should a loss occur.

Commercial insurance policies for trucks can either be a packaged policy or just cover for the vehicle itself. We always aim to have a discussion with our clients before we provide you with an insurance quote as there are various sections of cover that you need to consider.

We understand that while the wheels aren’t moving, there’s a good chance the truck is costing you money.

What is a commercial insurance package for tucks?
A commercial insurance package for trucks is usually a policy placed with one insurer or having multiple policies that cover you risks as a truck driver. During our discussions, we will usually ask you:

  • Are you hiring a trailer to cart the goods?
  • What’s the average value and type of goods being carted
  • What is the average income that the truck generates weekly?
  • Do you have contingency plans in place should the truck be damaged?

This allows us to put an insurance package specially for trucks together to ensure that all avenues are covered and your loss can be minimised in the event of a claim. If you are contracted to carting goods for your clients than in the event of a large loss you could be looking at one or all of the following:

  1. Damage to your truck
  2. Damage to the goods being carted (potentially sued for damages from supplier)
  3. Damage to trailer / Moneys owed for rectification if on hire
  4. Lost income / Costs to hire a vehicle to continue generating income

Why Priority Insurance Brokers?

Why should you use Priority Insurance Brokers as your Commercial Insurance Brokers for trucks?

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Why should you have Insurance for your Truck?

A truck driver was driving interstate when a car towing a caravan suddenly lost control causing the truck driver to swerve off the road.

The truck rolled down an embankment beside the highway where a crane was required to recover the truck. The freight inside the trailer was also damaged and scattered across the road and the embankment.

The truck driver had both insurance for trucks and carriers protection where the truck, trailer and goods inside were covered along with the clean up and recovery costs.

A truck is essentially a business on wheels and it needs to be treated that way. If the wheels stop turning than there is a good chance that either you’re having a nice holiday somewhere or you’re losing money.

It’s important that you understand how an insurance policy for tuck works and what cover can be put in place to prevent any costly surprises occurring.

Need an Insurance Broker for Your Truck? We've got you covered.

We understand that running a business takes a lot of work and as a business owner you’re expected to be across all of the different aspects of your business operation.

We have tried to make our insurance process as simple as possible and all of our truck insurance brokers work with each business owner to have a strong understanding of your business and what’s required to be in place to ensure that there are no nasty surprises. We pride ourselves on not hiding behind the fine print.

Your Commercial Truck Insurance Questions Answered

If my clients sign a waiver do I need to cover my cargo?

We have been involved in multiple claims where a waiver was signed however, the truck driver was still found to be liable for the goods. If you are regularly carrying freight than we always recommend you have some form of carriers protection on your truck insurance policy.

Is truck insurance expensive?

Truck insurance is priced relative to the risk that it  posesses. The main contributing factors to your insurance premium are:

  1. The replacement value of your truck
  2. The type of truck that it is
  3. The goods that you regularly carry/what your business is
  4. Your previous claims history

Is the liability on a truck insurance the same as public liability?

No, they are different. The liability section that is included under a truck insurance policy is only referring to the liability of your truck. This is designed to cover you should you bring down a power pole, hit an overpass bridge or cause other damage with your truck.

What is truck insurance and why do I need it?

Truck insurance is a type of vehicle insurance specifically designed for trucks. Truck insurance typically covers the same types of perils as standard auto insurance, but may also include coverage for things like cargo loss or damage. Because trucks are generally larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, they can cause more damage in an accident, so it’s important to have adequate protection in place.

How much does truck insurance cost?

The cost of truck insurance will vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of truck you drive, your driving history, and the amount of coverage you need. In general, however, you can expect to pay more for truck insurance than you would for standard auto insurance.

Why do I need down time cover?

With the current market how it is, we strongly recommend that all truck insurance policies should have this section included. This is mainly due to the current wait times on equipment, trucks and parts. If this isn’t included in your cover than there will be no payment made to you while the truck is waiting for repairs to take place. In some circumstances, it’s taking upwards of 6 months for the delivery of a new truck.

When do I need to put a policy in place?

As soon as you hold a financial interest in the truck you should consider putting a truck insurance policy in place. A truck is an asset to your business and as such should be treated like one with the appropriate protection.

What is a sum insured?

Most truck insurance policies will be written as either a sum insured or market value which ever is the lesser. You can also insure for an agreed value. You should always insure for the realistic replacement value as if you under insure the truck and list this as your sum insured the insurer will only pay you the lesser amount even if the market value comes in higher than the sum insured.

What types of coverage are available?

There are a number of different types of truck insurance coverage available, including liability, collision, and comprehensive. You can also purchase additional protection for things like cargo loss or damage, towing, and rental reimbursement. Talk to Priority today about the needs of your business and we’ll help you determine what types of coverage are right for you.

Our guide to comparing insurance for trucks quotes

Truck Insurance We Specialise In

Long/Short Haul

Whether you are travelling interstate or intrastate, we can provide you with a suitable truck insurance policy to ensure that your truck is covered appropriately. We take the time to get to know your business so that we can provide tailored advice to your situation.

Delivery Companies

If you are delivering general freight by either the carton, pallet or container, we can provide insurance options for all of the activities that you do. Our recommended packages will typically include truck insurance cover for the vehicle, liability and the goods that you are carting.

Freight Contractors

Courier Drivers and parcel freight contractors can be a difficult industry to place insurance for however, with our network of insurers we have secured suitable placements with extensive coverage options.

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Insurers that support our Commercial Truck Insurance Brokers

Our commercial truck insurance brokers work with a number of insurers however, we recommend the below insurers as they provide the perfect balance for most of our clients between providing comprehensive insurance solutions at affordable prices along with tailored cover specific to trucking companies and owner drivers.

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