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As reputable Insurance Brokers servicing the Central Coast, we comprehend the primary challenges confronting locals. Our expertise lies in crafting customised insurance packages for business proprietors, encompassing all facets of their operations, and consolidating these offerings into highly competitive options.

Our approach involves dedicated listening to our clients’ requirements, allowing us to deliver fitting insurance solutions aligned with their business context. Far from a mere checkbox service, we highly value your business and extend this sentiment across all our interactions.

We collaborate closely with Central Coast business owners seeking adept insurance counsel, robust coverage, and budget-friendly premiums tailored to their specific needs. 

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The Central Coast?

Based in Far North QLD, we work as dedicated Business Insurance Brokers with a goal to put your needs first. Your support fuels our work, and we truly value each client. Your best interests are always our top priority.

We focus on making insurance affordable, saving you time, and ensuring you have the right coverage. Our approach is different from quick transactions. Instead, we take the time to understand the businesses of Central Coast owners and have meaningful discussions about their needs. Our main commitment is to offer effective and personalised business insurance solutions.

If you’re looking for an Insurance Broker who reviews policies thoroughly, reevaluates them yearly, and takes their role seriously, let’s start a conversation.

Why Priority Insurance Brokers?

Why choose a Business Insurance Broker for your Central Coast business?

Stop paying more for insurance, get a quote now.

We do all of the research and comparisons for you.

Operating as Business Insurance Brokers for businesses on the Central Coast, our focus is precisely that. We deliver custom-tailored business insurance solutions to owners by comparing their current policies and striving to minimise their premiums. Our priority is to strike the ideal balance between lowering your premium and providing competitive coverage. There’s no fine print evasion here – we collaborate closely to understand your objectives, risk tolerance, and potential savings. Our commitment to saving you money isn’t about a mere $20; we’re talking about substantial savings.

While substantial premium reductions may not always be possible, we can collaborate on strategies to decrease your overall payment amount.

Steadfast Broking Group Member

Thanks to our membership in Steadfast, Australia's largest insurance broking group, we have a global network of insurance resources at our disposal. This empowers us to offer competitive policies and approved policy wordings exclusively accessible through Steadfast brokers like us.

Expert Insurance and Risk Advice

We understand the frustration of waiting on hold to reach an insurer. Dealing with us ensures you'll connect with a local, real person. We respect your time just as much as you do.

Need a Central Coast Business Insurance Broker? We're here for you.

We recognise that managing a business is demanding, and as a business owner, you’re responsible for various operational aspects. We’ve aimed to simplify our process, and our Brokers collaborate closely with each business owner to grasp your business comprehensively. This understanding helps us ensure everything necessary is in place, preventing any unwelcome surprises. Our commitment is to transparency; we don’t conceal information in fine print, and we pride ourselves on that.

What can a central coast insurance broker do for you?

If you run a business, it's likely you'll require more than just Public and Product Liability insurance. The specific policies can vary significantly based on your business type; for instance, a café's needs differ greatly from those of a tradesperson. To gain a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements, we advise connecting with an Insurance Broker who can assess your needs thoroughly.

How can we help your business?

These are some additional insurances your business might want to consider, such as:

1. Professional Indemnity Insurance: If you’re offering design, certifications, sign-offs, or advice for a fee, having a Professional Indemnity policy is crucial.

2. Business Property Cover: This type of insurance is designed for businesses with physical locations, covering contents, stock, and machinery.

3. Motor Vehicle Insurance: Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet of delivery vehicles, we customise motor vehicle insurance policies to suit your business needs.

insurance broker central coast

What do we specialise in?

We have expertise in a wide range of business insurance categories and can adapt our services to suit any industry or location where you operate. Whether you run an online global product-selling business or you’re a local trade contractor in the Central Coast area, we have solutions for you.

We’ve achieved exceptional outcomes for various businesses including:

  • All types of trade contractors
  • Manufacturing enterprises
  • Retail and warehousing establishments
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • High-risk activities like asbestos removal, demolition, and excavation

We offer insurance packages tailored to businesses of all kinds. Entrust your business to a reliable Insurance Broker.

Central Coast servicing insurance brokers

Being a Steadfast insurance broker, we have access to cost-effective policies, placement solutions, and risk management tools tailored for your business.

Our experienced business insurance brokers rely on tangible data that genuinely supports your Central Coast business in making informed insurance decisions. Our objective is to provide advice relevant to your business insurance needs. However, the final decisions rest with you, and our aim is to equip you with enough information to confidently navigate those choices.

Dedicated Advisor

Continuously being passed between different account managers at your existing business insurance broker can lead to gaps in understanding your business and ensuring proper coverage. We take pride in fostering client relationships and prioritise maintaining your connection with a dedicated advisor.

Balanced Risk

Our guidance is never influenced by sales targets; instead, we collaborate with you to define your preferred risk tolerance. Our insurance packages are customised to strike the perfect equilibrium between your vulnerabilities and budget. With our extensive expertise, we can demonstrate various approaches to lowering your premium without compromising coverage.

Saves You Time

Engaging a business insurance broker empowers you to focus on the essential tasks that keep your business running and generating income. Typically, we only need approximately an hour of your time to evaluate your existing policies, offer guidance, and propose a fitting solution. This way, you can efficiently manage your business while we handle the insurance complexities.

Asset Protection

We guarantee the safeguarding of your assets, whether they are properties, motor vehicles, or your company's operations. Our approach involves comprehending your unique circumstances and customising our recommendations accordingly. Recognising that insurance isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, all the guidance we offer is meticulously tailored to your specific business needs.

Small / Growing Business!

Regardless of whether your business is just starting out or even in the planning stages, we work with businesses of all sizes.


Enterprise Level Organization

We provide tailored insurance packages for corporate clients. Our broking group has the facilities to provide solutions to large, complex organisations.

Why should you use Central Coast serving Insurance Brokers?

Providing you with advice to ensure you are covered correctly

Unfortunately, most customers who manage their own insurances don’t actually know if a specific insurance product is an “optional extra” or a seperate policy in general until they suffer a loss. Our job is to assess the risks associated with your business from our initial discussions, identify them to you and work with you to ensure that you minimise any potential losses to your business operation. With each customer, we will put together a recommendation letter which outlines the policies in which we recommend you to consider.

Save you time

This is a huge advantage to you as a business owner. Who has a spare couple of hours to get quotes for insurance? Let alone review the fine print to ensure that you are covered correctly. The time you spend just to get a quote is only a small portion of the time that you could better use within your business. If a claim was to occur you could be looking at multiple emails, multiple phone calls, endless frustration after speaking with 5 different people and repeating yourself. By using a business insurance broker, you speak directly with us, we manage your claim and your policy and provide advice and updates along the way.

Save you money

Saving money on your insurance premium is an added benefit that we can provide. We provide this by looking at ways to reduce your premium your existing insurer or by re-marketing your policy with our panel of insurers to achieve a better a result. Saving you money is not guaranteed however, we can also help you save money should an insurance claim occur. We know most policies in and out and from the initial discussion about a claim occuring we can advise you on whats likely to be covered and what expenses are likely to be reimbursed.

Multiple escalation points

Ever had an insurance claim that you’ve lodged and you’ve gotten extremely frustrated and not known what do? By using a commercial insurance broker, should a matter need to be escelated beyond the initial claims team than we can assist in having this escelated. The insurers will usually have their own escelation points however. being part of Australia’s largest broking group we also have our in-house escelation points that can assist with resolving any claim disputes. If you were to handle this on your own, you have limited resources available to you and once again causing you a large outlay of time.


All of our dedicated account managers handle all types of general insurances and therefor your business insurance broker can be your go to person for any enquiries. We also assist in creating a smooth renewal process by having a renewal review discussion or meeting with you, then coming back to you with our recommendations. We can also assist in providing insurance certificates, monthly repayments, risk reviews and mitigation strategies.

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