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Tailored hotel insurance for accomodation providers.

Our hotel insurance brokers work with hotels and motels across Australia to insure their buildings and other associated assets. 

Our hotel insurance packages include are completely tailored to your needs with a number of optional inclusions. 

Whether you are looking for hotel or motel insurance, we can tailor a cover for you.

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What you need to know about

Hotel Insurance

If you are providing accomodation services at a hotel or motel property then you may already know that there are a number of insurances that you should consider. 

Depending on your business and how it operates will determine what insurance policies you may need to consider. 

We can source hotel insurance policies for properties that include cover for:

  • Drinking/Gaming and restaurant facilities 
  • Playgrounds and pools
  • Building owners 
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Business Interruption
  • And much more

Our role as your hotel/motel insurance broker is to help you identify your risks and the appropriate cover required to help manage them.

We still have a number of insurers that will offer mining contractors insurance policies.

The most common hotel insurance policies:

  • Business property cover for the building, contents and stock
  • Business interruption and loss of profits for increased costs from forced closure  
  • Removal of debris and extra costs suchas professional fee 
  • Public Liability Insurance for amenities such as gyms, pools and recreational facilities
  • Machinery breakdown for air-conditioning and plant items. This also includes additional cover for deterioration of stock for restaurant facilities
  • Management liability including Directors and Officer’s insurance, Employment practices liability, crime, and employee dishonesty
  • Cyber Insurance for network privacy, crime, and data breaches  
Our accomodation insurance is suitable for hotels, motels, serviced apartment complexes, camp grounds, caravan park and any other accomodation facility. 
We keep our paperwork to a minimum so it’s simple, quick, and straight forward.

Why Priority Insurance Brokers?

Why should you use Priority Insurance Brokers to arrange your Hotel Insurance?

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How can we help your business?


Optimise your cover

We ensure that your policies are providing you with the best level of cover. Don't pay for insurance that you don't need.


Reduce rising costs

We work with you and our insurers to continue to provide you the with competitive premiums across our network.


Tailored advice

Your dedicated account manager will work with you and tailor the advice to your business and what covers you should have in place.


Ongoing support

Your account manager will continue to provide you with professional insurance advice as your business grows and expands.

We have all the answers to your questions about

What hotel insurance policies do you need?

Public Liability is usually the first motel insurance policy that most businesses require. 

The difference in most hotel liability insurance policies is whether you require cover for restaurants, bars, gaming, gyms, or any other recreational facilities. 

These will all contribute to the number of insurers that we can approach and what pricing can be obtained.  

The most important part about a hotel or motel facility is the actual building iteself. 

If you or your business is also the property owner then you will need to obtain building insurance. 

If you are also the operator of the business than your property insurance will also usually cover the contents and stock at the facility. 

A number of additional covers that are usually included with the property insurance package is:

  • Business interruption 
  • Machinery breakdown 
  • Glass cover 
  • Theft cover 

Cyber insurance is quite a new policy however, we find that hotels and accommodation properties have a high risk of a cyber insurance policy affecting their business. 

As a business, your whole hotel usually operates on a booking system and if this was compromised or shut down from a cyber attack then your loss of income could be substantial. 

As hotels also generally keep personal information, credit card details and identification documents on file if there was a data breach then you could be at risk for large fines or penalties.

Most businesses should consider a management liability policy and a hotel is the same. 

A management liability insurance will cover your directors, officers and decision-makers of the business for claims against things like:

  • Harassment allegations 
  • Unfair dismissal claims 
  • Employee crime or theft 
  • OH&S safety breaches 
  • Tax audit and much more
hotel insurance

Need a Broker who can assist with your hotel insurance? We've got you covered.

We understand that just running the day to day operation of your business takes a lot of time.  This is why we provide the perfect solution for business owners with regards to their insurance. We provide you all of the information that you need to make sure you are covered correctly. 

Simple, straight forward and fully managed hotel insurance policies.

How to get a quote for hotel and motel insurance policies

Speak with a Broker

The first step is to speak with an Insurance Broker so that we can ask questions about your business and get familiar with how you operate. This allows us to tailor a suitable package to your needs.

Discuss what policies you need

Once we understand how your electrical business runs we can give you an overview of what insurances that you need. This can be a range of just public liability insurance or other insurances such as tools cover, motor vehicle and income protection.

Present you with options

We will then contact a number of our insurers and request them to provide us with a quote. Once all of our quotes come back, we will review them and present you with the best option. We will outline our recommendation to you and seek your acceptance.

Organise payment options

Once we have your instructions to proceed with the policy we will then organise payment of the policies. Policies can be paid annually or via our monthly premium funding options.

Your Hotel Insurance Questions Answered

If you are just the occupier of the hotel where your business operates then unless you have a contract in place you may not need to cover the building component in your insurance. 

It is, however, quite common for most long term lease agreements to require the occupiers to insure the building component of the property. 

Business interruption insurance for hotels and motels covers the loss of profits due to forced closure. 

This could either be from things like:

  • weather-related events 
  • accidental/malicious damage 
  • crime scene closure
  • plus many other insured events 

Yes, it is quite normal for a hotel or motel insurance policy to also include cover for licensed venues with restaurants.

The main component that is impacted by this is your public liability insurance policy.

Insurers may ask for additional information to be provided however, it's usually not difficult to include cover for these types of operation.

No, we work with hotels and motels of all sizes. Even accomodation providers that have multiple facilities and locations. 

Regardless of the size of your business and property we have tailored hotel insurance solutions available to your business. 

Machinery breakdown is commonly included in most hotel/motel insurance policies if they have a restaurant or bar facility. 

We recommend that most accommodation properties have this cover included as another large component of this cover is for airconditioners and heating systems. 

Yes, we can provide cover for properties all across Australia. 

We understand that some locations are deemed a high flood zone or a bushfire risk however, we have placement facilities that can cover all across Australia.

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