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As a Brisbane insurance broker, Priority Insurance Brokers is your trusted full-service business insurance brokerage, committed to prioritising you and your business. Our company is founded on trust, honesty, and unwavering dedication to our valued clients. With our comprehensive services, we manage all types of general insurance products, catering to businesses of all sizes.

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At Priority Insurance Brokers, you and your business are our top priority. Our focus is on providing tailored, professional advice with the level of service you expect. We value your time greatly, which is why our company is built on trust and dedication to our clients.

When it comes to recommendations, our clients trust us to provide the best options in the business, eliminating the need to shop around.

Why Priority Insurance Brokers?

Why should you use Priority Insurance Brokers to arrange  Insurance for your Brisbane Business?

Stop paying more for insurance, get a quote now.

We do all of the research and comparisons for you.

As a specialised insurance broker for Brisbane businesses, we handle all the policy research and comparisons, presenting you with a concise and easily understandable summary. Gone are the days of receiving a 120-page document and being expected to read through it. At our brokerage, we invest time in getting to know and understand your business, enabling us to recommend the precise insurance coverage you require. A great insurance broker prioritises your needs and delivers tailored solutions.

Steadfast Broking Group Member

Our network expands beyond Brisbane, granting us access to exclusive, bespoke policies available solely through a Steadfast business insurance broker. With a global reach, we have access to insurance facilities worldwide, ensuring comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs.

Expert Insurance and Risk Advice

Avoid the hassle of dialling a 1300 number, navigating through multiple options, and reciting personal information. Say goodbye to long hold times. Instead, connect directly with a real insurance broker in Brisbane who can offer personalised assistance in tailoring an insurance package that perfectly suits your business.

Need a Brisbane Insurance Broker? We've got you covered.

Running a business demands substantial effort, and as a business owner, you must oversee various aspects of your operations. Our aim is to simplify the process as much as possible. Each of our Brokers collaborates closely with business owners, developing a profound understanding of your specific needs to prevent any unwelcome surprises. We take pride in our transparent approach and ensure no hiding behind fine print.

Insurance broker in Brisbane that manages everything?

Providing you with advice to ensure you are covered correctly

Unfortunately, most customers who manage their own insurances don’t actually know if a specific insurance product is an “optional extra” or a seperate policy in general until they suffer a loss. Our job is to assess the risks associated with your business from our initial discussions, identify them to you and work with you to ensure that you minimise any potential losses to your business operation. With each customer, we will put together a recommendation letter which outlines the policies in which we recommend you to consider.

Save you time

This is a huge advantage to you as a business owner. Who has a spare couple of hours to get quotes for insurance? Let alone review the fine print to ensure that you are covered correctly. The time you spend just to get a quote is only a small portion of the time that you could better use within your business. If a claim was to occur you could be looking at multiple emails, multiple phone calls, endless frustration after speaking with 5 different people and repeating yourself. By using a business insurance broker, you speak directly with us, we manage your claim and your policy and provide advice and updates along the way.

Save you money

Saving money on your insurance premium is an added benefit that we can provide. We provide this by looking at ways to reduce your premium your existing insurer or by re-marketing your policy with our panel of insurers to achieve a better a result. Saving you money is not guaranteed however, we can also help you save money should an insurance claim occur. We know most policies in and out and from the initial discussion about a claim occuring we can advise you on whats likely to be covered and what expenses are likely to be reimbursed.

Multiple escalation points

Ever had an insurance claim that you’ve lodged and you’ve gotten extremely frustrated and not known what do? By using a commercial insurance broker, should a matter need to be escelated beyond the initial claims team than we can assist in having this escelated. The insurers will usually have their own escelation points however. being part of Australia’s largest broking group we also have our in-house escelation points that can assist with resolving any claim disputes. If you were to handle this on your own, you have limited resources available to you and once again causing you a large outlay of time.


All of our dedicated account managers handle all types of general insurances and therefor your business insurance broker can be your go to person for any enquiries. We also assist in creating a smooth renewal process by having a renewal review discussion or meeting with you, then coming back to you with our recommendations. We can also assist in providing insurance certificates, monthly repayments, risk reviews and mitigation strategies.

Stop looking and shopping around. We have you covered.

A business insurance broker in Brisbane ready to help.

As a dedicated business insurance broker, our primary goal is to deliver unmatched value. Unlike many service agencies that fall short on promises, we continuously strive to discover effective solutions to enhance your business. Our name, Priority Insurance Brokers, reflects our commitment to making you our top priority. This client-centric approach guides us every single day, ensuring your business's success remains at the forefront of our efforts.

As a Steadfast insurance broker, we have access to competitively priced policies, insurance placement solutions and risk management tools to assist your business. 

Dedicated Advisor

If you keep on getting bounced around to different account managers with your current business insurance broker this causes gaps in understanding your business and covering it correctly. We take pride in building relationships with our clients and will always prioritise keeping you with your dedicated advisor.

Balanced Risk

We never provide advice based on sales targets, we work with you to outline your desired risk tolerance. We tailor our insurance packages to provide you with the optimal balance between your exposed risks and your budget. We have extensive experience in showing you ways to reduce your premium without reducing your cover.

Save Your Time

By using a commercial insurance broker this allows you to get back to the things that you need to do to keep your business operating and earning income. We usually require about one hour of your time to be able to assess your current policies, provide advice and then present you with a suitable solution.

Asset Protection

We ensure that your assets are protected whether that be your property, motor vehicles or your company operation. we take the time to understand your situation and tailor our recommendations accordingly. Insurance is never a one size fits all therefor, all of the advice we provide is tailored specifically to your business.

Small / Growing Business!

Regardless of whether your business is just starting out or even in the planning stages, we work with businesses of all sizes.


Enterprise Level Organization

We provide tailored insurance packages for corporate clients. Our broking group has the facilities to provide solutions to large, complex organisations.

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