Public Liability Insurance for Cleaners

Insurance for cleaning businesses.

Public Liability Insurance for Cleaners is a policy that covers cleaning companies for personal injury or property damage that may be caused due to their negligent acts during their regular business activities.

Each business operation has its own individual risks that are common within the industry and as such, you should make sure that you are protected against these should something occur.

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Cleaners Public Liability Insurance

Cleaning companies insurance policies have a number of potential risks that could arise similar to the likes of tradesmen working on a job site, the main potential public liability insurance exposures for cleaning companies are usually:

1. Wet floors causing slip and trip issues in common areas

2. Damaging office buildings or residential homes whilst cleaning

3. Loss of keys which causes further loss to businesses or home owners

These are the 3 main claims that commonly occur on cleaners public liability insurance policies. As such, insurers will ask questions around cleaning companies, their activities and how their businesses operate to determine the level of risk that could lead to a claim. Public Liability Insurance for cleaners should ensure that these aspects of your business activities are covered.

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Why should you use us to arrange your Cleaners Public Liability Insurance?

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What information do insurers need for a public liability insurance for cleaners?

Public liability insurance for cleaners will typically require you to provide general information about your business, how you operate and what areas that you operate in. Some of the common information that is required is the following:

  1. A percentage breakdown of what work you do. For example, the split between residential and commercial.
  2. Are there any contractors that you have contractual agreements with and what they require.
  3. The expected turnover of your business for the next 12 months.
  4. The percent of payments made to sub-contractors for work they are doing on your behalf.
  5. How long your business has been in operation for.
  6. Has there been any claims made against your business.
  7. If your business requires cover for any high risk locations such as airports, shopping centres, common areas, mining or power plan.
  8. A percentage breakdown of work during business hours and after hours.

Most insurers will require this information to assess your level of risk and whether any additional conditions need to be applied depending on the work that you are doing.

Need a Cleaners Public Liability Insurance Broker? We've got you covered.

We understand that running a business is a lot of work, and as a business owner, you have to handle many different things. We’ve made getting public liability insurance for cleaners simple. Our Brokers work closely with each business owner to really understand your needs. This way, we make sure there are no unpleasant surprises down the line. We’re upfront and transparent – no hidden details in the fine print.

Your Cleaners Public Liability Questions Answered

Do Brokers get you a cheaper premium?

Our team of qualified insurance brokers work with several insurers and underwriting agencies that offer tailored public liability insurance for cleaners. This allows us to negotiate competitive premiums with superior coverage to what is offered as standard.

The pricing of insurance policies is typically beyond the control of your broker however, is a constant consideration when assessing options. Our brokers work strategically with insurers to ensure that the most competitive options are always delivered.

It is important to note that the pricing of your policy can only be a consideration and sometimes the cheaper policy is not the best policy for your business. For example, if buying a cheaper policy riddled with exclusions is your main priority then if a claim was to occur there is likely going to be gaps in what you’re covered for.

We aim to work with business owners to find the perfect balance between premium and cover.

What other policies should be considered in addition to public liability insurance for cleaners?

We also offer the convenience of bundling additional policies with our public liability insurance for cleaners. It’s important to think about these options too:

1. Motor Vehicle Insurance: If you use vehicles for your cleaning business, this coverage can protect them from accidents and damages.

2. Van or Trailer Insurance: If you have vans or trailers, this insurance can be crucial to safeguard them against unexpected incidents.

3. Portable Equipment Cover: This coverage ensures your cleaning tools and equipment are protected whether they’re at your business premises or on the go.

4. Personal Sickness and Accident Insurance: For added security, consider coverage that provides support in case you or your employees face health-related issues.

By combining these policies into a cleaners insurance package, we aim to simplify your coverage needs and provide comprehensive protection.

Should I still contact you if I already use an insurance broker?

The short answer is yes. As with most professional service providers the value is in the actual quality of advice that you receive. This, paired with a competitive premium and comprehensive cover is the ideal situation for your business. Some of the main reasons that people contact us is due to frustrations with their current insurance broker. Some of the feedback that we hear are things like; “I can never speak with my current broker”, “I wait days for a reply to my emails”. Our priority service to our clients begins from their initial enquiry.

Why should you have your policies through a Broker?

There can be many limitations and exclusions applied to a public liability insurance for cleaners. This is why dealing with a company who has experience working with cleaners can help you navigate through the process and not only secure you a competitive premium but also maintain a strong level of cover.

Public liability insurance for cleaners faces common exclusions like:

  • Not providing cover for common areas like shopping centres
  • Hazardous chemical exclusions can be applied if not mixing chemicals correctly whether by accident or not
  • Cover for sub-contractors if not declared correctly,
  • Plus many more depending on how and where you operate

As these exclusions aren’t offer made very clear it can be hard to determine whether your cover is appropriate based on the work that you are doing. Having a Broker working for you will help you understand the conditions of your policy and it is likely that they will provide you a competitive insurance premium.

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