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As another family owned business we appreciate our clients because they are the back-bone of our business. This is why our team of business insurance brokers in Canberra aim to treat our clients like our highest priority, because they are.

There are 3 key components that we stand by in our business:

  • Providing cost effective insurance solutions for business owners 
  • Ensuring that policies are continually re-marketed each year
  • Don’t create problems, provide solutions

Unfortunately, some agencies are considered to be a ‘tick and flick agency’ which means once they get your business they automatically roll over your insurance policies each year without reviewing, comparing and recommending alternative solutions should they become available. Our guarantee to all our clients is that we will never be considered a tick and flick agency and you can rest assured that our priority service doesn’t stop once you place your business with us. 

With hundreds of 5 star reviews from clients right around Australia you can be confident in your decision in working with us. 

Why Priority Insurance Brokers?

Why should you use Canberra Priority Insurance Brokers to arrange your Insurance?

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We do things differently to other insurance brokers in Canberra.

We pride ourselves on doing things differently to others that are in our industry. Unfortunately, the insurance industry is renowned for long wait times, expensive premiums and hidden exclusions which is what we focus on avoiding for our clients. 

Our approach is simple, our clients best interests are always at the front of our mind and is the core reason behind doing what we do. That means, when you contact one of our business insurance brokers in Canberra you will get a same day response, a summarised breakdown of quotes received and on going management of your policies.

Australia's largest network of insurers

Although we are based in Australia, our brokers have access to insurers right around the world. Thanks to our association with Australia largest broking group, Steadfast we have a competitive reach that ensures we have the strength and purchasing power of group that holds $10bn in premium.

Professional advice, expert service

When you call our office you won't be put in a queue waiting to speak with someone. Just like if you send us an email you will likely receive a response within 2 business hours or even sooner.

Canberra Insurance Brokers that have you covered.

The main goal of our team is to make their insurance purchases an extremely simple process. We don’t hide behind big words and hundred page policy wordings, we take the time to explain policies to our clients to make sure they have the right information to make the decisions about their business.

How can a local business insurance broker in Canberra help your business?

Take the time to ensure that you are covered correctly with the right advice

The biggest hurdle for most business owners is figuring out whether they are actually covered correctly. The hard part is they don’t usually find out until they need to make a claim on the policy that they have in place. We try and avoid this by firstly understanding your business and what it does. This allows us to identify potential exposures to your business and we can structure our cover and our advice accordingly.

Quicker than a DIY option

If you’re using a business insurance broker in Canberra then it should be quicker than doing it yourself. What can you expect when working with us?

  • Quick turnaround times with most enquiries handled on the same day
  • A thorough breakdown of what quotes have been received on your behalf 
  • Advice around strategies and tactics that can be implemented to reduce your premium

Ditch the unnecessary costs

We can’t always save you money but it is always our first intention. Saving money on a policy is a big win for us as well as you. Our biggest saving in 2023 for one of our clients was $43,000 – thats what gets us really excited. However, we know that there is no point saving big dollars on your policy if your policy then becomes an expensive piece of paper that won’t actually cover you for anything.

We've got your back

If you’ve ever lodged an insurance claim before than you know that sometimes it can be like a mexican stand-off. We know our policies and we know what to expect from our insurers which is why we ensure that the cover and service levels are maintained. If on the unfortunate occassion this doesn’t happen we have multiple escalation points available to us and you to get your claim back to where it should be.

Your go-to wingman

We don’t come in and take over your business. Noone knows your business better than what you do. We act as your wingman in times of need by providing you the advice to make the best decisions for your business.

What policies do we specialise in?

We can assist you with all general insurance products however, some of the main policies that we can help with are:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: This is important for businesses that are providing advice in exhange for a fee. This will usually include things like designs, certification or compliance sign off. Professional Indemnity is an integral policy for businesses in these types of industries. 
  • Property Cover For a Business: Business package insurance policies are a convenient way for business owners to cover things like contents, stock and equipment that they carry as part of their business. This policy can be specifically built and tailored to your business.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance: We can help with any types of vehicles or machines that your business uses. This includes things like plant and equipment insurance, truck insurance and motor vehicle insurance. Regardless of whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, we can help you.
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