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As a Business Insurance Broker serving Newcastle, we specialise in working closely with local businesses. We understand the unique challenges they face and tailor our insurance policies to provide comprehensive coverage. Our goal is to save Newcastle businesses time, effort, and money by offering competitively priced options and professional, tailored advice. 

Unlike run-of-the-mill brokers, we prioritise building meaningful relationships with our clients. Your business is valuable to us, and we treat it as such in every interaction. Count on us for professional, tailored advice, competitively priced policies, and an array of comprehensive cover options. If you’re looking to streamline your insurance process and reduce costs, don’t hesitate to speak with a Business Insurance Broker today.

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Having assisted numerous business owners across Australia, we take pride in being the go-to Business Insurance Broker in Newcastle for your needs. Our primary objective is to prioritise your business and ensure you get a competitive and comprehensive insurance policy.

At Newcastle Insurance Broker, we focus on affordability, time-saving, and providing reassurance that your coverage is appropriate. Unlike tick-and-flick agencies, we take the time to understand your business, discuss its specifics, and offer tailored solutions.

If you seek an Insurance Broker in Newcastle who reviews and remarkets your policies annually and genuinely fulfils their role, let’s begin the conversation today.

Why Priority Insurance Brokers?

Why should you use Priority Insurance Brokers to arrange your Business Insurance?

Stop paying more for insurance, get a quote now.

We do all of the research and comparisons for you.

As a National Business Insurance Broker, that’s precisely what we do. Our services cater exclusively to businesses in this vibrant city. We offer tailored insurance solutions, meticulously comparing your existing policies to reduce your premiums significantly. Our emphasis lies in striking the ideal balance between premium reduction and delivering competitive coverage.

No hiding behind fine print; we strategise alongside you to understand your goals, risk appetite, and potential savings we can attain. At Priority Insurance Brokers, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch service, benefiting your business in every way possible.

Steadfast Broking Group Member

As a member of Australia's largest insurance broking group, Steadfast, we have a global reach with access to insurance facilities worldwide. This unique advantage enables us to offer competitive policies and policy wordings exclusively approved by our Broking Group, making them accessible solely through a Steadfast broker.

Expert Insurance and Risk Advice

We understand the frustration of being placed on hold when trying to reach an insurer. With us, you'll connect directly with a local, real person who values your time as much as you do. Say goodbye to long hold times and experience prompt and personalised service.

Need a Business Insurance Broker in Newcastle? We've got you covered.

We comprehend the challenges of running a business, where juggling various aspects can be demanding. That’s why we’ve designed a straightforward process to ease your burden. Our dedicated Brokers collaborate with each business owner to gain a profound understanding of your operations and ensure no unexpected surprises. We take pride in our transparent approach, with no hidden fine print.

Why you should use a Newcastle broker to manage your insurance?

Providing you with advice to ensure you are covered correctly

When customers manage their own insurances, they often do not realize that certain insurance products are optional extras or separate policies until they suffer a loss. As part of our initial discussions, we assess the risks associated with your business, identify them for you and work with you to minimise any potential losses. We will prepare a recommendation letter for each customer that outlines the policies we recommend you consider.

Save you time

As a business owner, this is a huge advantage. Do you have a spare couple of hours to get insurance quotes? Not to mention reading the fine print to make sure you’re covered correctly. The time you spend getting a quote is only a small fraction of the time that you could spend doing other things within your business. If a claim was to occur you could be looking at multiple emails, multiple phone calls, endless frustration after speaking with 5 different people and repeating yourself. By using a business insurance broker, you speak directly with us, we manage your claim and your policy and provide advice and updates along the way.

Save you money

As an extra bonus, we can help you save money on your insurance rate. In order to get a better outcome, we offer this by examining options to lower your premium with your current insurer or by re-marketing your policy with our panel of insurers. Saving you money is not a guarantee, but we can still work with you to cut costs if you need to file an insurance claim. From the first conversation about a claim occuring, we can advise you on what is likely to be covered and what expenses are likely to be reimbursed because we are very familiar with the majority of plans.

Multiple escalation points

Have you ever filed an insurance claim and become incredibly agitated, not knowing what to do? If a matter needs to be escalated past the initial claims team through the use of a commercial insurance broker, we can help with that as well. However, the insurers typically have their own escalation points. Being a part of the biggest broking company in Australia, we also have internal escalation points that can help settle any claim issues. If you tried to tackle this on your own, you would have to spend a lot of time and have access to few resources.


Your business insurance broker can be your first point of contact for any questions because all of our devoted account managers handle all types of general insurances. By engaging with you for a renewal review discussion or meeting and then reporting back to you with our recommendations, we also help to ensure a smooth renewal process. Additionally, we may help by offering insurance certificates, monthly payments, risk assessments, and mitigation plans.

Newcastle Business Insurance Broker

Our focus lies in what truly matters. When you talk to our Brokers, you won't experience the pressure of dealing with a slick used car salesman. Our priority is to deliver value to you, rather than merely pushing for more sales.

As a Steadfast insurance broker, we have access to competitively priced policies, insurance placement solutions and risk management tools to assist your business. 

Dedicated Advisor

With your existing business insurance broker, if you frequently switch account managers, this results in gaps in understanding your business and providing the appropriate coverage. We take pleasure in forming bonds with our customers and will always put your continued connection with your personal adviser first.

Balanced Risk

We never give recommendations based on revenue goals; instead, we collaborate with you to determine your prefered level of risk tolerance. We customise our insurance plans to give you the best possible trade-off between your exposed risks and your spending power. We have a wealth of knowledge in demonstrating to you how to lower your rate without lowering your coverage.

Save Your Time

Utilizing a business insurance broker in Newcastle enables you to return to the tasks necessary to keep your company running and generating revenue. To review your current policies, offer advise, and then present you with a workable option, we typically need an hour of your time.

Asset Protection

We make sure that your assets, including your property, vehicles, and business operations, are safeguarded. We take the time to fully comprehend your situation before customising our solutions. Because insurance is never a one-size-fits-all proposition, every piece of advise we offer is customised for your company.

Small / Growing Business!

Regardless of whether your business is just starting out or even in the planning stages, we work with businesses of all sizes.


Enterprise Level Organization

We provide tailored insurance packages for corporate clients. Our broking group has the facilities to provide solutions to large, complex organisations.

How can we help your business?

Operating a business likely requires more insurance than just Public and Product Liability coverage. The specific policies needed differ based on your business type; for instance, a cafe's requirements will greatly vary from those of a tradesman. To ensure comprehensive coverage tailored to your business, we highly recommend consulting an Insurance Broker. They can conduct a full assessment and help you understand precisely what insurance you need.

For illustrative purposes, here are some additional insurances your business may want to consider:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: If your business involves providing design, certifications, sign-offs, or advice for a fee, having a Professional Indemnity policy is crucial.

  • Business Property Cover: A business package insurance policy is ideal for businesses operating from a physical location, ensuring coverage for contents, stock, and machinery.

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance: Whether you operate a single vehicle or a fleet of delivery vehicles, we tailor specific motor vehicle insurance policies to suit your business needs.
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