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Tradies insurance packages for business owners and contractors.

We specialise in insurance for tradies. We deal with tradesmen like you every day so we know what you need and how to get it done, quickly.

When we refer to tradie insurance packages, we can take care of the lot. 

Whether you need Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Portable tools insurance or your tradie tool trailer, we have you covered.

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Business insurance for Tradies

We have simplified business insurance for tradies to ensure that regardless of your trade, we have someone who can assist you. 

Priority Insurance Brokers is the trusted insurance source for all construction trades.

We specialise in construction related insurances and us knowing the industry ensures that you’re covered correctly.

With the backing of Australia’s largest broking group; Steadfast, gives our customers competitive pricing and bespoke policy coverage.

Every client receives a dedicated account manager to look after every aspect of their business insurance.

That means no more sitting on hold, no lengthy delays between emails, and someone ready to answer your call.

Our team provides you with priority service year-round, including when your policy is due for renewal to ensure you’re getting the best cover at the best price, every year

We keep our paperwork to a minimum so its simple, quick and straight forward.

Why Priority Insurance Brokers?

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What Tradie Insurance Packages We Specialise In?

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What is the best insurance for tradies?

The first policy that you will need when you're looking for insurance for tradies is public liability insurance

You've probably already heard of public liability insurance however, do you know what it actually is?

Public liability insurance for tradies covers you for negligent acts against the public. 

For example, if you're quoting on a repair job and damage the owners property, this is something that is usually covered. 

For tradies it is also really important that your public liability insurance also covers the workmanship of your product. For example, if you were replacing some pipes in a house and didn't seal them correctly causing water ingress then this would usually also be covered.  

Some people tend to get confused between professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance however, there is a big difference between the two. 

Professional indemnity insurance for tradies is designed to cover you for designs, certifications or sign offs. 

For example, if you are a plumber and providing a gas compliance certificate or a water conservation certificate than you should consider professional indemnity insurance in your tradie insurance package.  

Your commercial vehicle insurance will usually include utes, vans, trucks, trailers, plant items, and machinery for your business. 

Some tradies only insure their motor vehicles for private use as most private motor insurers will cover tradies however, if you have spent some money on upgrading your vehicle to assist with your trade then generally speaking the private motor insurance isn't enough cover. 

For example, if you have modified your tray to include tool box fit outs, wraps, signage and whatever else is required to do your job well then your tradie insurance should include a commercial motor policy. 

Not a lot of tradies have heard of contract works insurance however, it is just as important as many other tradie insurance policies. 

Contract works insurance will usually cover you for works that you are completing or responsible for under a contract. 

For example, if you are an electrician working at a hospital installing large generators it is not uncommon for your contractor agreement to hold you liable if the generators are damaged before the project is at practical completion and handed over to the client. 

Did you know that most tradies insurance policies don't actually include any form of income protection if you were injured yourself? 

We always recommend that tradie insurance packages always have some form of income protection cover. 

Some contractors will require you to have an accident or illness cover for working Directors and workers compensation cover for your employees.

electricians insurance

Need a Broker who can assist with any type of tradie Insurance? We've got you covered.

The admin side of a business can take up a lot of time which is why we keep our process quick, simple, and comprehensive. That way our trade contractors can get back to doing what they were doing and growing their business. We work with our trade contractors as an addition to your business. 

electrician insurance
insurance for electrical contractors

Your Tradie Insurance Questions Answered

As a business insurance broker we have the ability to package multiple policies together under 1 convenient package which can also be paid monthly. 

This allows us to find you the most competitive policies without being forced to use one insurer just to take advantage of their packaged policy. 

We have found that this is the most competitive and convenient way to structure your tradie insurance package. 

Yes, we are. 

We have put together hundreds of insurance policies for trade contractors so when we say that we know insurance for tradies, we do. 

We know what most head contractors need before allowing you on site and we know with covers meet your electrical requirements and plumbing requirements if you are in QLD or Victoria.

This is a very important question and we always aim to provide our customers with value. 

You can manage your insurance policies yourself however, we find that unless you are aware of the common conditions that insurers apply to different industries and what potential gaps can occur in your cover then it’s best to use a Broker. 

Using a Broker does not mean you are paying more. In fact, in most cases our purchasing power and industry involvement allows us to actually get our clients cheaper policies with better conditions. 

Using a Broker also means that we can support you as your business grows and if a claim is to occur we can also assist you in managing this effectively. 

No you don’t.

All of our clients have a dedicated account manager which will be your main point of contact for all of your insurance needs. 

This means that whether you are wanting to discuss public liability insurance for tradies or professional indemnity policies your account manager can assist you with all of your insurance enquiries. 

We believe that this is one of the most important factors to our business as a broker who understands all of your business will ensure that you are covered correctly.

No, we work with any trade occupations these are just the most common trades that we look after. When we say that we specialise in all insurance for tradies, we mean all trades and all insurance. 

It is not uncommon for business owners to grow, expand and take on a number of different projects. 

Before engaging in any new projects it’s important to speak with your insurance broker to make sure that you are covered for the extra working that you are taking on. 

As you take on larger contract there are also additional clauses and contract requirements that you may need to be aware of.

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